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A club dedicated to the role play group "Mirrored Mobius." Here members can contribute and post up their fanart as well as fans who watch us.

If you are interested in becoming a member and RPing in Mirrored Mobius just send us a note! If a character you want is already taken, send us a note of who it is and we'll put you on the waiting list.

House of Pain fans, if you are interested in reading this story, it is only available on our Mirrored Mobius site. Feel free to check it out there as well as other RPs.





Please note, other affiliates, mostly those repeating this list will be under the "Affiliates" link under our banner.

:bulletyellow: Affiliates must have at least 100 watchers or 50 members.
:bulletyellow: No hate/anti groups.
:bulletyellow: Must be Sonic or Sega related.
:bulletyellow: Has to be active.

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:iconblank-space::iconblank-space:||[ Welcome (Front) ~ Members ~ Affiliates ~ MM Wiki ]||


Based off of the Archie comic book series of "Sonic the Hedgehog" Mirrored Mobius is a Role Playing group that was started in February 19th, 2009. The roleplay took off around Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 197 and has since blossomed into an active network of Sonic fans and talented writers. To go to our official forums please click here. Guests will be able to read and see everything that's happening on Mirrored Mobius without properly registering. This allows fans who enjoy the roleplay and our member activities but are not interested in officially joining to keep up with developments.

What we offer ...
  • Flexible Hours. We'll work with you to speed up / slow down the RP to work with your changing schedule.
  • A structured primary roleplay that aims to keep all characters involved in one way or another.
  • Active friendly Staff Members. Normally you'll be able to find one of us during the day.
  • Member input for new in character developments and out of character features.
  • An open door (No Membership Required!) Social roleplay on the Weekends.
  • Member Activities to fend off boredom and aid in procrastination. :D
... and more planned in the coming months.

Interested? Please be sure to read our rules beforeforehand. To ensure you have the ability to post and navigate various roleplaying situations you will be tested in a quick 'mini-role play' session via AIM, e-mail, or Notes. Applicants who are interested but have room for improvement will be approved provided they are willing to be coached by one of our friendly Moderators.

Those interested in joining should contact either Sonic at  "ranransonikku" on AIM or e-mail at Alternatively you can contact Dr. Finitevus at " arealscourge " on AIM.


:iconblank-space::iconblank-space::iconblank-space::iconblank-space:Updated October 31st, 2010

Today we are proud to announce the second Art Contest for Mirrored Mobius: a Halloween Contest!

The Task at Hand ...

The biggest Halloween Party the city has ever seen is about to be thrown on Halloween Weekend. It is a highly exclusive event, however, and with more enemies on the Kingdom's trail then every arrangements to attend must be done in advance. Attendants are required to send a picture of themselves in an appropriate Halloween Costume so their identities can be verified before the entry the Civic Center. All attendants are required to dress in costume as-per the theme of the party and will be allowed or denied access depending on their costume choices and overall creativeness.

In plain English ... Draw your favorite Sonic / Mirrored Mobius Character in a Halloween Costume. Since the aim of this contest is more for creativeness of the costume and humor entries that depict characters in demonic (Dark Form/Real and not Costumed Vampire) or awkward (Werehog) Transformations rather then in an actual costume will be disqualified. You can draw the Werehog in a costume but not Sonic simply transformed into the Werehog, okay?

Voting and Winners

Voting will be a week-long affair starting on October 30th. The Top 3 Entries will receive the following prizes after the voting period is over.

First Place - 6 month Paid Subscription to Deviantart. (Gifted from Dr. Finitevus / Sonic-Sunshine)
Second Place - 3 month Paid Subscription to Deviantart. (Gifted from Dr. Finitevus / Sonic-Sunshine)
Third Place - 1 month Paid Subscription to Deviantart. (Gifted from Dr. Finitevus / Sonic-Sunshine)

Alternate Prizes for participants who do not want the Premium Membership are pending.


:icontraconian: -…

:iconsonikku-otaku: -…

:iconakita-daniels: -…

:iconmarillmatey: -…

:icondarkshadows013: -

Full details about the Contest can be found here.

~Dr. Finitevus

More Journal Entries


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